• Sun light converging on our planet surface is the ultimate source of renewable energy. Electricity on the other hand is the most popular form of energy used for common daily activities. Converting sunlight to electricity has never been more affordable.
  • Solar Photovoltaic systems (Solar PV systems) are arrays of cells connected together in series and parallel to convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. An inverter transforms the DC electricity from the solar panel to the more useful AC electricity that plugs directly into our existing grid. 
  • Hybrid - ON & OFF GRID
    • The Grid electricity in Lebanon is a special case, Power is available but not always. GEE provides a solution that allows the user to run in on-grid mode and exchange power with the grid when power is ON, and quickly switch to off-grid mode (backup mode) when the grid power goes OFF. 

    • GEE Solar Hybrid solution allows backup storage batteries to be charged from both solar and grid electricity for use when neither is available.
  • Hybrid with private generator - Micro Grid
    • Combining solar energy with energy coming from a private diesel generator on a small grid (house, building, factory, etc..) is no longer a complicated setup. Modern age technology provides easy control and excellent protection for your existing equipment.

    • GEE Micro Grid Solar solution allows seamless integration of solar energy with your existing generator(s) to provide direct fuel savings up to 80%.

    • SMA solutions for commercial PV systems offer hotels, factories and administrative buildings maximum flexibility and efficiency in the generation, consumption and storage of solar power.
  • Online Monitoring
    • The PV system is web linked through a logging device. This data logging allows monitoring of the instantaneous productivity. The production will be observed through a user friendly website along with a Smartphone application. The online monitoring will assist in evaluating the system’s performance. Productivity and the net saving report messages will be sent to the consumer on a daily basis. Warning messages will also be sent in case of dysfunction and alerts

Over 24 years experience and knowledge of international user standards, technological works changes and industrial systems, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

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